creative photography

The Artist

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJennifer Gillett, with a fine eye for the beauty in our world, captures what inspires her.  Self taught, Jennifer loves pushing the boundaries of creative photography.  Born in Sydney Australia into a military family, travelling and shifting to a changing world is second nature to her.  Instilled from a young age was an appreciation of the vast and varied flora and fauna from the east to the west coast of Australia. Travel for work and pleasure has fortunately placed her in some of the most inspirational environments – capturing what makes us tick and spark. Some of her most personally inspiring journeys include;

  • the dawn service Anzac Cove Turkey 2001 (including a post game of two-up with local Turks);
  • walking the streets of Ancient City of Petra Jordan;
  • Trekking the 100 kilometer Sandakan death marches in the Jungles of Borneo with surviving POW plus Alexander Downer and channel 10 TV crew;
  • climbing Summit of Mt Kinabalu, Malaysia;
  • a solo trek of the Northcliffe – Pemberton section of the Bibbilmun track, Western Australia in 2011;
  • spectator at the provincial Goreme Show in Lae, Papua New Guinea;
  • her first siting of Michaelangelo’s Creation of Adam in the Sistine Chapel in 2003;
  • being an Aunty;
  • first time Mother 2016;
  • her first steps in the Tower of London;
  • returning home to Brisbane in 2011; and
  • In January 2014 Jennifer reached Everest Base Camp.

With a long professional career in construction project management her appreciation of capturing the built form and it’s synergies with nature – ‘artitecture’ as she refers to it, has been a natural progression and education in the appreciation of the building of our society. Now settled in Brisbane, Jennifer has been able to fuel and refine her other love of classical music and opera, singing alto and soprano in the Brisbane Chorale.  Recently, singing in the St Johns Cathedral, Concert Hall in QPAC and Brisbane’s Town Hall and debut in 2015 in the Sydney Opera House with Chorus Oz. 2015 saw Jennifer’s premiere exhibit in Brisbane’s local artistic ‘Montematre’ suburb of Paddington. Jennifer aspires to continue her success to make her art accessible and enjoyable to all.  Jennifer is currently planning her 2017 exhibition.